An interview of Dr Eva Ng by the HKU Review 2015 about this website

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Language is continually evolving, and in a world of rapid technological development and political change, it can be hard for interpreters to keep up. Dr Eva Ng (pictured), of the Translation Programme of the School of Chinese recognised this years ago when she started asking her students to submit new Chinese-English bilingual terms from the news on a weekly basis, which she then fed into a glossary she kept on her website. Now, that glossary is just one click away for interpreters and the general public, too, through a website to promote and support the practice of interpreting.

Dr Ng launched Resources for Interpreting in July 2015 and it has received positive feedback and endorsements from interpreters in Hong Kong and abroad. Its searchable bilingual glossary not only provides translations of the latest words trending in the news (think ‘Grexit’), but also words related to everything from business, triads and the courts to culture, social media and new technology.

“I’m a former court interpreter and I know glossary compilation is an indispensable part of the practice of interpreting. Students in my interpreting class often come across terms that they don’t know the equivalent of in the target language. It’s very important for them to have an extensive vocabulary in both languages that is drawn from daily life,” Dr Ng said.
The website, at, also contains information on the practice, learning, teaching and research of interpreting, and was developed in collaboration with academics from the University of New South Wales and the Hong Kong Baptist University.

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I am happy to endorse her website with the greatest praise for her efforts. This glossary will be useful to interpreting students from far and wide, and its usefulness will extend well across the borders of Hong Kong...

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Dr Ineke Crezee, Auckland University of Technology

Resources for Interpreting is the product of years of experience and expertise.  It is useful not only to professionals, but also researchers and all students of Chinese and English...

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Professor Keith McMahon, University of Kansas

This is an excellent resource for practitioners, students, educators and researchers of Interpreting. I am very happy to endorse it and to recommend it.

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Professor Sandra Hale, University of New South Wales

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