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As a student majoring in translation, I find the glossary very useful, as it has a wide range of up-to-date vocabulary related to social issues. One thing really nice about the glossary is that it includes some Cantonese colloquial expressions which are often challenging to translate. I guess the glossary is not only useful to those who study translation or interpreting, but also to anyone who would like to familiarise themselves with local and international current affairs. I am sure that the glossary will enable a pleasant bilingual learning experience.

Ms. Ning Man Yee, Stephanie

Year 4, Translation, BA, HKU

I appreciate this website because it is very useful for me as a translation student. The glossary is rich in content and the website in general is user-friendly. However, I found it not too easy to look for new vocabularies from the website as there are only a few vocabularies listed on “latest entries”. I am looking forward to the development of this website and it would be great if a mobile friendly website or mobile application will be launched so we could access the website in a convenient way.

Ms. Lee Tsz Ying, Cheris

Year 4, Translation, BA, HKU

I think this website is a suitable teaching material for introductory translation or interpretation courses as students can have a brief concept of what they will be learning. Therefore I reckon this should be introduced to all students intended to study translation. For the glossary part, it is a useful bilingual terminology data base for students who are already studying translation or interpreting, only that a mobile application should be developed so that students can view it anytime they want in a more convenient manner.

Ms. Chan Yan Hay, Gabe

Year 4, Translation, BA, HKU

The Glossary is user-friendly and quite updated. I am surprised that it includes terms like “等埋發叔“. The coverage of the Glossary is also broad that it includes not only current issues but even Triad terms. It could be even great if it allows users to submit new terms so that the Glossary could be mostly updated. And, adding the bilingual terms for some political leaders or figures, like 金正恩, 安培晉三, 黃之鋒, 何韻詩, 林鄭月娥, could be very useful, as it is sometimes not easy to find the most accurate translations for people’s names, particularly when they come from the foreign.

Mr. Tam Kwok Fai, Jack

Year 4, Social Work and Social Administration, BSS, HKU


This website is versatile and professional, the content coverage is wide, there are lots of terms which I have never heard of before. It will be a good way to expand my vocabulary. Though the website is not so user-friendly when browsing it with a mobile phone, so it would be great if this website has a phone version or even a mobile app. To further promote the page, establishing a facebook page can be a compliment, such as “word of the day”, people who liked the page will learn the new words every day, with the aid of explanation and example.

Mr. Lai Pak Chuen, Patrick

Year 4, Business analysis, BBA, Cityu


The interpretation website offers a great reference for translation students. It is equipped with a great variety of resources such as the academic resources covering a wide range of topics, interpretation techniques and most importantly the up-to-date glossaries ranging from the legal aspect to the technological department. The glossaries are exceptionally helpful for students do not have to go through the tedious process of looking up terms in various sources. The shortcut tags feature in the glossary is also a life saver. It would be great if more promotion work on the page is done to extend the scope of use as translation personnel remains the main user.

Ms. Cheung Ka Wing, Zoe

Year 4, Translation, BA, HKU


It is very helpful to include glossary that is related to current affairs. We often encounter situations when we only know either Chinese or English term of a specific topic. It is especially useful when we want to translate some popular Chinese terms online into English, as well as some terms created by Western media. This is resourceful not only to people in the interpreting field but also general public looking for specific terms in daily life. It would be more convenient if the font size are bigger.

Mr. Lam Sum Cham, James

Year 4, Mechanical Engineering, BEng, HKU


The website of resources for interpreting is an exceptional information collection of interpreting activities. It furnishes us with comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of interpreting and yields new insights into it for any explorer of interpreting information. Apart from the descriptive and fruitful information on the website, it further provides interpreting news, activities and conferences to get the users involved and engaged in the interpreting industry and boost their understandings of interpreting with down to earth interpreting experiences.   As a translation student in the University of Hong Kong, the website of resources for interpreting further develops my interest and knowledge in translation study and assists and expedites my translation practices. Among all the informative tools and resources on the website, I believe that the glossary is among the most useful resources. The glossary gathers jargons and vocabularies from different industries and realms. It requires a tremendous amount of manpower, efforts and time to establish an encyclopaedic database of its kind and it vastly facilitates the progress for people working on the interpretation of information from diverse fields. I believe that it could be further developed into other forms of media, for instance, a mobile app. It would raise the awareness and user coverage of this useful resource and further make the resources more easily accessible to a larger amount of people. I look forward to seeing this pragmatic tool develop in the future.

Mr. Ho Pak Yu, Tommy

Year 4, Translation, BA, HKU

The interpretation vocabulary website helped me a lot in my undergraduate studies, as well as during my preparation for job hunting. It included a wide variety of topics of current issues especially in HK. Thank you Eva and her team for making this useful database. It would be great if mobile app is also available for users because it will be more convenient and accessible.

Ms. Leung Wan Chi, Queenie

Year 4, Translation, BA, HKU


This is a very useful and user-friendly website for many people. As a translation student, the website always keeps me up-to-date with different social issues. As a private tutor, it is a reliable source that I can share with my students some useful English terms. As a fresh graduate, it can let me know more social issues in English and prepare for job interviews. But if a smartphone app version can be provided, it will definitely make the website more practical.

Mr. Yeung Ka Ho, Matthew

Year 4, Translation, BA, HKU

有時做傳譯或翻譯時會遇到一些特定的專有名詞,需要特地查找正確 譯法。但連大傳媒也不時會錯譯這些專有名詞,中文學院的 interpreting網站正好為同學在遇到此類困難時提供可靠的答案,避免 犯錯之餘亦可省免查找的時間。更重要的是網站不時更新,時事中出 現的詞語亦能有包括,更能幫助同學在傳譯工作前作預先準備。如有 智能手機應用程式的話,於有需要時查找詞彙的譯法會更為方便。

Mr. Wong Shi Wing, Jeffrey

Year 4, Translation, BA, HKU



Resources for Interpreting is the product of years of experience and expertise.  It is useful not only to professionals, but also researchers and all students of Chinese and English...

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Professor Keith McMahon, University of Kansas

I am happy to endorse her website with the greatest praise for her efforts. This glossary will be useful to interpreting students from far and wide, and its usefulness will extend well across the borders of Hong Kong...

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Dr Ineke Crezee, Auckland University of Technology

This is an excellent resource for practitioners, students, educators and researchers of Interpreting. I am very happy to endorse it and to recommend it.

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Professor Sandra Hale, University of New South Wales

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