Practice Materials

The websites below contain videos of press conferences, conferences, interviews, speeches and suchlike. Some of them also include interpretation and transcripts in multiple languages.


  立法會網上廣播 – HKSAR Legco webcast
(can choose English/English interpretation)

  新聞短片資料庫 – HKSAR Archives of News Clips




  Wall Street Two-minute English (Ideal for memory training)

  BBC 6-minute English

   American Rhetoric (Database of full text, audio and video versions of American public speeches)

  RTHK – Letter to Hong Kong

  The Economist – Media


   European Council, Council of the European Union – EU Council Newsroom

   International Atomic Energy Agency – IAEA Videos

   International Monetary Fund (IMF) – IMF Videos

   NATO – Youtube Channel

    Numerizer for interpreting practice (1.0.2 beta)

   World Bank – Multimedia (audio/video materials)

   Australia – News, speeches and media, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

   UK – Prime Minister’s Questions (with Hansard)

   UK – Parliament TV of the Scottish Parliament

   Reuters – Top News and Business Videos (with transcripts and subtitles)

Multilingual materials

   Chinese/English Political Interpreting Corpus (CEPIC)

   Singapore – Prime Minister’s Office – Youtube Channel (Malay, English and Mandarin Chinese)

  Speech Repository of European Commission (Mandarin version also available)

  UN Webcasts

   European Parliament – Multimedia Centre

Court videos (recommended for students of CHIN 2343)

   Australia – High Court of Australia: Recent AV recordings

  UK – The Supreme Court of the UK: Youtube Channel

   US – US Courts Videos

   International Court of Justice – Case-related videos, photos and audio files


This is indeed a resourceful website not just for interpreting students but also for researchers who are interested in interpreting studies.

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Dr Ester Leung,
Associate Professor, Translation Programme, Hong Kong Baptist University

Resources for Interpreting is the product of years of experience and expertise.  It is useful not only to professionals, but also researchers and all students of Chinese and English...

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Professor Keith McMahon, University of Kansas

This is an excellent resource for practitioners, students, educators and researchers of Interpreting. I am very happy to endorse it and to recommend it.

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Professor Sandra Hale, University of New South Wales

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