Online Glossaries

Finance and Banking

  BBC – 英漢金融市場詞彙


   Securities and Futures Commission: Glossary (English)

Internet and Technology

   英漢計算機及網絡通訊技術詞彙  English-Chinese Glossary of Computer & Network Communication Terms


   Computer Hope: Computer dictionary, terms, glossary

  BBC: Webwise

Hong Kong Law and Government

  公務員事務局:政府部門常用辭彙   Civil Service Bureau: Glossaries of Terms Commonly Used in Government Departments


  Department of Justice: The English-Chinese Glossary of Legal Terms

  立法會詞彙知多少 Know the LegCo Terms


  English-Chinese Glossary of Terms Used in Electoral Legislation

Law and Governments outside Hong Kong

  Lehman, Lee and Xu: Chinese Law Glossary

   Government of Singapore: Government Terms Translated (Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil)

  Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service, Scotland’s Prosecution Service: Glossary of legal terms

  Judiciary of Scotland: Glossary of Legal Terms

  UK Parliament: Glossary

International Organisations

   International Monetary Fund: IMF Terminology — A Multilingual Directory (Chinese version)

   European Union: Glossaries Available on EUROPA (An index of glossaries compiled by the EU)

   NATO: NATO-Russia Council: Documents and Glossary

   NATO: Glossary of Abbreviations Used in NATO Documents and Publications (2008)

  UNTERM: The United Nations Terminology Database

   World Bank: Glossary of Terms

Medical Terminology

  網上英漢漢英醫學辭典 – Medical Dictionary Online for Chinese


   語傘 – 公民運動關鍵詞索引


This is indeed a resourceful website not just for interpreting students but also for researchers who are interested in interpreting studies.

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Dr Ester Leung,
Associate Professor, Translation Programme, Hong Kong Baptist University

Resources for Interpreting is the product of years of experience and expertise.  It is useful not only to professionals, but also researchers and all students of Chinese and English...

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Professor Keith McMahon, University of Kansas

I am happy to endorse her website with the greatest praise for her efforts. This glossary will be useful to interpreting students from far and wide, and its usefulness will extend well across the borders of Hong Kong...

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Dr Ineke Crezee, Auckland University of Technology

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