“Clean Plate Campaign” 光碟行動

“Clean Plate Campaign”


習命立法遏餐飲浪費 專家:疫情洪災影響 或現糧食危機(2020年8月12日)。明報,取自 https://news.mingpao.com/pns/中國/article/20200812/s00013/1597171154992/

China has stepped up measures to reduce food waste, after President Xi Jinping called the amount wasted “shocking and distressing”.

The “Clean Plate Campaign” comes after Mr Xi highlighted that Covid-19 had “sounded the alarm” on food waste.

China launches ‘Clean Plate’ campaign against food waste. (2020, August 13). BBC. Retrieved from https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-53761295