reusable mask 可重用口罩

reusable mask

Lam said the reusable masks are called “CU Mask,” with CU being the symbol of the chemical element copper or meaning “I really want to see you,” and they are developed through local research. The masks will be delivered after registering online, she said.

Government to distribute reusable masks for free. (2020, May 5). The Standard. Retrieved from

特首林鄭月娥指,第一輪抗疫工作中預留了8億元研發重用口罩,決定向全港市民每人派發1個可重用口罩。口罩取名為「銅芯抗疫口罩」(CU MASK),亦可解釋做「很想見你」。只要簡單網上登記就可送上門。林鄭月娥並表示會即場向所有傳媒送一個CU MASK。

政府向每戶發10個一次性口罩 明起網上登記可重用口罩(2020年5月5日)。頭條日報。取自