“yellow economy” 黃色經濟圈

“yellow economy”

罷工籌委代表姚冠東又表示,今日集會後,之後四天會進行社區活動,例如支持黃色經濟圈、運用自己專業幫「黃店」做宣傳等。籌委會原本預計今天有大約 500 人參與集會,最終公布參加人數達 1500 人。

千五人參與廣告界罷工集會 「希望帶起罷工潮」(2019年12月2日)。立場新聞,取自https://www.thestandnews.com/politics/數百人參與廣告界罷工集會-希望帶起罷工潮/

The organisers of the lunchtime gathering in Chater Garden, from a group called Advertising Civilians, vowed to strike from Monday to Friday, and use the time – and their professional skills – to help spread the word about the “yellow economy” of pro-democracy shops and restaurants, with free work on advertising and promotion.

Hong Kong advertising workers down tools to promote anti-government protest movement instead. (2019, December 2). South China Morning Post. Retrieved from https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/politics/article/3040194/hong-kong-advertising-workers-down-tools-promote-anti