“Glory to Hong Kong” 《願榮光歸香港》

“Glory to Hong Kong”


【逃犯條例.多圖】多區市民今晚再合唱《願榮光歸香港》 作曲者:盼團結港人(2019年9月11日)。明報,取自 https://news.mingpao.com/ins/逃犯條例/article/20190911/special/1568212868261

“Glory to Hong Kong” has spread like wildfire: on a quiet Monday night, hundreds of people spread out across four floors of a suburban shopping mall to sing it. The song has been watched on YouTube over a million times, and at least half a dozen English translations, and a Japanese iteration, have surfaced.

Listen to the Song That Hong Kong’s Youthful Protesters Are Calling Their ‘National Anthem’. (2019, September 12). Time. Retrieved from https://time.com/5672018/glory-to-hong-kong-protests-national-anthem