“the valiant” 勇武派

“the valiant”


同行曬馬 勇武:視「和理非」後盾不排斥 學者稱顯尊重 運動或變「兩條腿走路」(2019年8月19日)。明報,取自https://news.mingpao.com/pns/要聞/article/20190819/s00001/1566153423969/

Protesters who have turned out this summer to oppose the extradition bill — which they see as a threat to Hong Kong’s rule of law and a sign of Beijing’s growing control over the territory — have classified themselves into two groups: “the valiant,” who go to the front lines and clash directly with police, and “the peaceful, rational, nonviolent,” who support tactics such as rallies and marches.

Hong Kong protests: Hundreds of thousands spill out of pro-democracy rally and march across the city. (2019, August 18). Los Angeles Times. Retrieved from https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2019-08-18/hong-kong-protests-continue-as-organizers-call-for-peaceful-rally