vlogger 影片博客


香港知名影片博客(Video Blogger,下簡稱「Vlogger」)「司徒夾帶」早於2014年成立經理人公司,統籌旗下Vlogger的廣告工作,性質就如歌手的經理人。

人人都可成「網紅」 賺錢捷徑?(2016年6月16日)。香港經濟日報,取自 http://paper.hket.com/article/1446081

Known as vloggers, people who keep online video diary blogs, the outspoken young internet users delight their audiences each week with lifestyle tips, funny anecdotes and general opinions on Hong Kong society.

Blundy, R. (2017, June 10). Hong Kong vloggers keeping Cantonese alive with money-spinning YouTube channels. South China Morning Post. Retrieved from http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/education-community/article/2097710/hong-kong-vloggers-keeping-cantonese-alive-money